Resting Nerve Membrane Potentials

Multiple Choice Questions in Neurology:

What is the value of normal resting nerve action potential?

  1. -30 mv

  2. -40 mv

  3. -50 mv

  4. -70 mv

Resting Nerve Membrane Potentials

  • At the resting state of the neurons:

    • More sodium ions are outside

    • More potassium ions are inside

    • The inside of the neuron is negative relative to the outside

  • In the resting state, the outside of the nerve cell (extracellular) has zero potential so the resting membrane potential is equal to the voltage inside the cell (intracellular).

  • The normal resting membrane potential of a neuron is -70 mV.

  • Remember, the negative (-) means the inside of the neuron is 70 mV less than the outside.

  • The resting nerve membrane potential is because of potassium (K) ions.


  • Hodgkin, A. L., and A. F. Huxley. “Resting and Action Potentials in Single Nerve Fibres.” The Journal of Physiology, vol. 104, no. 2, 1945, pp. 176–95, doi:

[Answer is 4. -70 mv]

Multiple Choice Questions in Neurology:

Which ion is responsible for generation of action potential in nerves?
  1. Sodium

  2. Potassium

  3. Chloride

  4. Magnesium

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