Blood Supply of Spinal Cord

How many spinal arteries supply the human spinal cord?

  1. Three Arteries
  2. Four Arteries
  3. Five Arteries
  4. Two Arteries

Blood Supply of Spinal Cord

Arterial Supply

The spinal cord is supplied by Three Longitudinal Arteries:
  1. One Anterior Spinal Artery supplies the anterior two-thirds of the spinal cord.
  2. Two Posterior Spinal Arteries supply the posterior one-third of the spinal cord.
[Mnemonics: Posterior is Paired, Posterior = Paired]

Venous Drainage

There is a complex network of intrinsic, extrinsic, and extradural systems. The anterior and posterior spinal veins and anterior and posterior radicular veins are freely communicate with the internal vertebral plexus in the epidural space. This drains into the cerebral dural venous sinuses and cerebral veins as well as the external vertebral plexus. The veins of the spinal cord and vertebral column are valveless.


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[Answer is 1. Three Arteries]


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